Please note, it generally takes the Council 3–4 weeks to complete the initial review. Action items are reviewed on a first-come-first-served basis, and wait time is generally around 1–2 weeks.

If you have any questions regarding your account status, action items, or are having trouble logging in, please contact a member of our Nonprofit Services Team at (651) 224–7030.

The Smart Giver Newsletter is published twice a year and includes the Giving Guide, a list of strong, accountable, and trustworthy nonprofit organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to transparency by voluntarily participating in the Council’s online Accountability Wizard® review process.

Upcoming Deadline to be included in the Spring 2024 Smart Givers newsletter is Friday, March 15th!

Below are the requirements for inclusion in the upcoming Smart Giver Newsletter.

To be listed as a Meets Standards® organization, by the deadline your organization must:
  • Have a current, non-expired, Accountability Wizard® review
  • Have no pending action items; and
  • Have been notified by the Council that you Meet Standards®.
To be listed as a Review in Progress, your organization must:
  • Have submitted its Accountability Wizard® review to the Council within the last twelve months; and
  • Your preliminary review from the Council is still pending, OR you have a few action items pending.
To move from a Review in Progress status to the Meets Standards® listing, you must complete all assigned action items and receive Council approval.